The Secret Sauce to Truly Exceptional Performance

In our podcast, Gary Morton shares his amazing experiences working with teams that simply “soared.” He then takes listeners through his methodology so that you too can learn from him and the incredible leaders he has been privileged to work with, as described in his new book, Commanding Excellence: Inspiring Purpose, Passion, and Ingenuity through Leadership that Matters. Take a listen and pick up his book, an amazing read.

Motivating people effectively is not about commanding them to do something — it’s about getting them to command themselves to do something. Gary Morton book.jpgA distinguished graduate of West Point, Morton learned firsthand how to deliver exceptional results. Then as a platoon leader and tank commander in Army Task Force 4-68 and later, as a young vice president at the medical device manufacturer Stryker, he trained under two legendary leaders who, despite their different styles, followed nearly the same steps to achieve results which most considered unattainable.

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