What Matters Most in Employee Engagement?

Simply put, an employee’s direct manager or supervisor has the greatest impact on an individual’s engagement in the workplace. While organizational culture, competitive pay practices, inspiring mission statements, and exceptional top leadership have an influence, it is the daily interaction and relationship with their manager/supervisor that drives employee engagement. Solid statistical analyses support this fact across all types of industries and organizations. Knowing this, how can leaders and owners of firms most readily impact the performance, retention, and satisfaction of their valuable employees? Three lessons from exceptional organizations stand out:

The Best Players are Not Necessarily the Best Coaches

Coaching (i.e. managing/supervising) typically draws on a much different skill set than playing the game. Tendencies in sports teams are to elevate the top players. When they retire from actual play, it seems logical that they would make great coaches. After all, they mastered the game and have the “street cred” to teach and train others. They typically worked hard to achieve their success and should be able to inspire others to do the same. Do not make this common error.

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