Meet Gary Morton

My Bio

Gary Morton graduated from West Point with honors and had a five-year career as a tank officer, the highlight of which was being part of an extraordinary unit that achieved unprecedented results at the US Army’s grueling National Training Center—the only unit to ever win every simulated battle it fought. Gary completed a master’s degree, also with honors, from the University of Southern California, and transitioned out of the Army to medical-device manufacturer Stryker, where he held positions of increasing responsibility in project management, engineering, R&D, operations, and leadership, including twelve years as vice president and general manager of the EMS equipment business. EMS was an innovative juggernaut that he cofounded and that grew to become the global leader in patient-handling equipment for the ambulance market. His team introduced game-changing products that have redefined how paramedics handle patients in emergency situations throughout the developed world. Today he is retired from Stryker and lives with his wife in the Midwest, where he writes and invests.

Other Education and Achievements:

  • High School All-American Swimmer
  • Senatorial Nomination to the US Military Academy at West Point
  • Distinguished West Point Graduate with Graduation Awards for
    -Highest standing in National Security and Public Affairs courses
    -Highest standing in Economics courses
    -Nye Award for Excellence in Research in Military Affairs
  • MS University of Southern California with Honors
  • Gallup Leadership Academy
  • Harvard Business School Executive Programs
  • Steven Covey Seminars