What Gary does so beautifully in this book is combine all our reticles into one giant aperture, then analyze the reminiscences, and, finally, distill them down into a handful of precious categories.  No one else I know has both the boots-on-the-ground expertise and the intellectual and literary skills to do that.

Alfred L. Dibella, Jr.
Col(Ret) Alfred L. Dibella, Jr. Former commander of undefeated Task Force 4-68

Commanding Excellence accurately portrays an insider’s view from someone who knows all the agony, pain, and triumph from living through the gyrations of a Stryker experience.  It intimately relates how to be competitive and how to win.

John W. Brown
John W. Brown Former Chairman, President & CEO Stryker Corp.

Commanding Excellence reveals the secret sauce to building organizational alignment. If you want to deliver exceptional results at any level, in any organization, pick up and read this powerful book!

Paul Speigelman
Paul Speigelman, author of New York Times bestseller Patients Come Second, 2010 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, founder and CEO of BerylHealth

The serious student of leadership will complete this entertaining and informative narrative with a handful of practical ideas and would gain even more with repeated study.

Major General Richard E. Davis, US Army, Retired

Anyone who wants to master the fundamentals of successful leadership needs to read this thought-provoking description of two inspiring leaders.

Jim (Coach) Heath
Jim “Coach” Heath, former President, Stryker Instruments

Gary Morton saw extraordinary leadership first hand and is the perfect one to tell the story of attained excellence. Read Commanding Excellence and see how truly superb outfits can be formed and operate.

Tom Griffin
Lieutenant General Tom Griffin, US Army, Retired; former commander of Berlin Brigade and 3rd Armored Division

Many books have been penned about leadership. Commanding Excellence stands out as the best in its approach. A must read for those seeking excellence in both personal and team leadership.

Lanny R. Copeland, MD, former President of the American Academy of Family Physicians and Chief Medical Officer for LifePoint Health

Gary Morton has analyzed two remarkable organizations and served up a timeless story of leadership and how to accomplish that which is seemingly out of reach. If you are a leader or want to be one, this is Leadership 101 .... and 102.

Scott Wallace
General Scott Wallace, US Army, Retired; former commander of US Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) and, in 2003, V Corps, which comprised the main axis of advance from Kuwait to Baghdad

Commanding Excellence reveals how to create a culture that everyone commits to from the boardroom to the battlefield. A must read for anyone who works in a goal-oriented environment.

Dave Jones
Dave Jones, creator of Homewood Suites and Embassy Suites, President and CEO of the Hospitality division for Gaylord Entertainment

If you want success as a leader in a complex environment, read Commanding Excellence and follow it!

Bryan (Doug) Brown
General Bryan “Doug” Brown, US Army, Retired; former commander of US Special Operations Command (SOCOM)

Gary Morton delivers innovative leadership lessons with entertaining insider stories that I wish I had access to when I started Ensighten. If you want to win, read Commanding Excellence and see the power of human energy and creativity focused on a common goal.

Josh Manion
Josh Manion, founder and CEO of Ensighten and FIDE chess International Master
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Hello, I am Gary Morton, author of Commanding Excellence. Explore this site to learn more about how to Inspire purpose, passion, and ingenuity through leadership that matters.read full bio
Why did I write Commanding Excellence

Why did I write Commanding Excellence

The only US Army unit ever to win every simulated battle at the grueling National Training Center, and a company that grew its earnings by 20% every year and every quarter of every year for 28 years. WOW, These incredible stories had to be told.

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