Commanding Excellence with Gary Morton: Purpose, Obsession, and Creativity

Gary Morton, author of Commanding Excellence: Inspiring Purpose, Passion, and Ingenuity through Leadership that Matters, is one of the reasons I love live interviews.

It would be hard to make up a story as fascinating as Gary’s. From his success at West Point to his time serving as part of the Army’s incredible Task Force 4-68 as a tank commander, to his career helping build one of the largest, most successful firms in the medical device industry, Gary’s leadership wisdom comes through in every anecdote.

In Commanding Excellence, Gary shares the details and lessons learned from his time serving under Lt. Colonel Alfred L. Dibella in Task Force 4-68 and then John Brown at Stryker. The comparison and contrast of what made these leaders tick and how they succeeded is truly fascinating for any student of leadership. The themes of Clarity of Purpose, Empowered Obsession, and Unleashed Creativity describe the commonalities between these leaders and offer rationale for their incredible successes.

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